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I was born and raised in Whitehorse, Yukon. I've moved all over Canada in my 20s & 30s and travelled around exploring this beautiful world we live in. In 2018 I got pregnant with my daughter Bennett, 2019 she was born in White Rock B.C. Then Covid happened and we packed up our family and came back north. Knowing we always wanted to return to the Yukon to raise our daughter and be closer to family. Everything fell into place when we came back to the Yukon we had a beautiful Covid style winter wedding on Marsh Lake in 2020. Then we completed building our home in 2021. Here we are 2023 one big happy family with our two cute little dogs David Bowie, Johnny Cash and almost 4 year old.

After Covid calmed down I decided to return behind the chair a few days a week so I could help more people love their hair. I have been specializing in hair extensions, curly hair and helping people overcome any scalp and hair issues that are preventing them from achieving that dream hair. This is my passion, being able to restore confidence in someone by helping them love their hair again whether it is with extensions, a new hair care routine, haircut and or a colour. Ongoing  education.  is extremly important to me so I am always learning more so I can provide my clients with the absolute best. Stay tuned because some exciting new services are coming soon!!


When I am not working my biz and connecting with my team, you can find me at the lake camping, playing baseball in the summer or snowboarding in the winter. 

What if I could show you how you can use my current business model as a vehicle to give you more time with your family? And more money in your bank account?

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